Roto classifies advanced sliding systems as a “clear growth segment”. There are a number of arguments for this positive assessment. The opening type has the necessary potential to efficiently meet the framework conditions and requirements, which are changing considerably, even in the future. Furthermore, modern sliding product ranges now score highly in all relevant trends. All of these factors form the basis for the company’s forecast. Specifically, this indicates the clearly noticeable shift in demand for more light and therefore towards large glass surfaces and floor-to-ceiling windows, slimline profiles, integrated, invisible hardware, energy efficiency and sound insulation.

The range from the hardware producer is making numerous specific contributions to this, including the “Roto Patio Alversa” and “Roto Patio Inowa” series. Thanks to its intelligent production technologies, large quantities of sliding elements can be manufactured on the predominantly automated production lines of window manufacturers. Overall, this results in economical production as the basis for continued market coverage at affordable prices.

For example, in the “Alversa” range, one Tilt&Slide solution and three Parallel Sliding solutions, including different ventilation functions, can be manufactured on one production line. In general, the high level of efficiency of the modular range is achieved primarily by the universal central locking system and the distinctive use of the same parts for all four variants. The result is cost on production, storage and logistics is reduced to a minimum.

The integrated night ventilation function, the compatibility with RC 2, and the ball-bearing-mounted roller unit with the integrated anti-jemmy protection are further advantages of the overall system. Type-specific improvements, such as an additional lock-in position in the sliding scissor stay and tilt support for heavy sashes, offer increased safety and comfort. The appeal of the Parallel Sliding versions is also based on intuitive operation, which adapts the habits that are learned and trusted for Tilt&Turn windows.

“Patio Inowa” also offers this important relief for users. Roto is positioning this as “smart hardware for sliding systems” above all due to the special closing movement of the sash transverse to the frame profile, the surrounding gasket and the active locking points in the mullion. At the same time, the hidden technology allows for straight, narrow profiles. The wide range of uses as a window or balcony door extends to buildings in regions with extreme weather conditions, for example. According to the manufacturer, the international expertise of the range also includes numerous reference projects in many countries, as well as neutral awards in the USA.

Roto Patio Inowa

They are announcing the premiere of the “SoftClose” function for “Patio Inowa” for summer 2020. The universal solution for all materials (PVC, timber, timber/aluminium, aluminium) increases comfort and durability in equal measures. It allows the sash to be pulled shut and closed automatically with a slow, gentle movement. A specially developed clamping tool is used to activate this function. Furthermore, technical adjustments should make the “smart hardware” easier to install. Complementing the latest sliding information, Roto explains that this is achieved, for example, by reducing the number of screws from six to four per assembly.