Quality Products For Atlantic Canada

Allsco 1980sAllsco started out in 1976 as a small family-run retail outlet for building supplies with only six employees. Over the last four decades, they grew to a team of over 100 employees and became a division of the ATIS group. Allsco takes pride in offering the Atlantic Canada region a complete range of state-of-the-art doors and windows.

Throughout their origins to present day, Allsco has continuously been focused on providing quality products to homeowners, which is in part why their partnership with Roto North America has spanned over 21 years.

Andre Doiron, Director of Operations at Allsco, said, “When we go to market with our new customers, something we always bring up is that we use Roto hardware because the quality is there with Roto products.”

Window Success with Roto Hardware

With almost half a century of experience, Allsco is familiar with what it takes to provide quality windows to their customers. Today, Allsco specializes primarily in PVC casement, awning, sliding, hung, and hybrid windows. For their windows, they utilize Roto’s X-Drive Casement system to provide end users with unique features and high quality performance. Roto’s OP06 Operator, hinges, and Casement Corner Drive offer enhanced security and superior performance for Allsco’s customers.

John Allaster, Roto’s Business Region Manager, said, “Allsco recently added the Roto corner drive option to increase energy performance and are looking at our heavy duty hinge and operator to address the increased demand for larger size and heavy casement windows.”

Doiron states, “Roto has numerous factors that make it stand out from other hardware, including durability and ease of installation.”

Allsco also uses Roto’s FlipLock and the RotoFasco Versa Sash Lock. The locking hardware for single hung, double hung, and horizontal sliding windows features traditional sash/sweep locks, both surface mount and flush mount versions, and a premium positive action lock.

Quality Relationship, Quality Products

“We have a great relationship, and a very long term relationship. Roto makes it easy, no problems or headaches,” says Doiron, “The quality of the product is there and the customer support is there. That makes our relationship a win.”

Allaster added, “Allsco is a great supply partner with Roto. They embrace innovation and are always looking at ways to offer differentiation for their customers. Allsco utilizes numerous standard hardware options including a dual arm for narrower windows, an auto lock (Roto’s flip lock) for hung and sliders and sash lifts to avoid service issues down the road for their clients. Roto hardware adds to their quality products and helps separate them in the market place as a premium supplier of window products.”