At ALLSCO it’s All About Relationships

It’s not every day that you hear about successful, decade-long business relationships but when it comes to ALLSCO Windows & Doors and Roto Frank of America, theirs is a great example of how to do things right.


Relationships and traditions are important to Gordon Lahanky, President of ALLSCO (left) and Donald Lahanky (right) Founder of ALLSCO, seen here during a recent Grand Opening of a new 75,000 square-foot facility.

A Tradition of Excellence

When Gordon Lahanky, ALLSCO President, began buying Roto hardware many years ago he said, “It’s all about relationships at ALLSCO. When doing business with ALLSCO expect to be in it for the long term!”

High Expectations for Quality & Performance

Back then, ALLSCO had high expectations for both quality and product performance, just as they do today. “Recently we were looking to differentiate our casement windows from all the other regional products and we felt that Roto could offer us unique features and performance.” ALLSCO found just what they were looking for in the Roto X-DRIVE™ Casement System.

According to Brian Smith, ALLSCO Production Supervisor, “Customers have commented on the smoother operation with the Roto X-DRIVE System as well as the enhanced locking mechanisms. They also like that ALLSCO offers a standard hardware package with features like folding down handles and multi-point locks.”

Reliability and Support

As for sales and technical support, ALLSCO has high expectations as well. “The people at Roto listen to our concerns and work with us to support our goals and meet our objectives,” says Lahanky. “In addition, as we celebrate 35 years as an industry leader, we like the fact that Roto has a long history too. They have a comprehensive product line and have been doing business in North America for over 30 years. We need professional suppliers who will be there for us when we need them and Roto has always been there for us.”


Only the finest quality materials including Roto hardware are used to ensure exceptional performance on all ALLSCO windows and doors.

Unique Tie-Bar System Tied to Great Savings

“At ALLSCO, we are always looking for ways to achieve higher output without increasing the workforce in the plant,” says Smith. Roto’s tie-bar system which comes with pre-assembled guides, is one element that helped them achieve this. “Our recent conversion to the Roto tie-bar system enabled us to speed up assembly and reduce labour costs,” said Smith.

Relationship Expected to Grow

“We’ve been so pleased with the Roto casement program that we are in the process of changing to Roto’s automatic Flip Lock™ sash lock for single hung windows,” says Smith. We expect the same success in this area and look forward to many more years of continued success from our partnership with Roto.

Dan Gray, Roto’s Director, Business Development & Product Marketing adds, “ALLSCO exemplifies the kind of customer with whom we want to establish a partnership; their team has an unwavering commitment to manufacturing quality products and delivering top-notch service.”