Chris Dimou, Roto Frank of America’s President & CEO, participated as a panelist in the East Coast Industry Forum (ECIF) which took place in Hartford, CT on Friday, October 12. The main themes of 2018’s ECIF focused on Advanced Manufacturing and Workforce Development.

Manufacturing is going through a renaissance in the US, but is challenged by a lacking skilled workforce. Dimou and other panelist members agreed that although there is progress, manufacturing companies, the Department of Labor, community colleges and schools must continue to work together to expand the knowledge of apprenticeship programs and establish connections to promote information about manufacturing.

Dimou said, “Now is the right time to apply a more holistic approach in tackling the topic of shortage of skilled labor and manufacturing resources. Various stakeholders like state, industry, chambers and colleges need to be closer in collaboration, in order to create synergies and efficiencies.”


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