Systems expertise creates costumer benefits

Leinfelden-Echterdingen – (rp) After the cancellation of “Fensterbau Frontale”, which has now been postponed to 16th to 19th June 2020 for a number of factual reasons, Roto Frank Window and Door Technology (FTT) is providing information about the company’s originally planned trade fair topics. “We had documented our comprehensive systems expertise and the resulting practical customer benefits to the trade visitors,” explains Marcus Sander. In the following interview, the Chairman of the Board of Directors outlines the most important topics.

  • What specific focal points were planned in Nuremberg?

Sander: First of all, we were going to present upgrades to the “Roto NX” Tilt&Turn hardware product range. A version for timber windows has been available since the end of last year. The hinge side T is suitable for sash weights of up to 150 kg and therefore for contemporary, large window designs. It also impresses with the same practical advantages as its PVC counterpart. That includes the attractive design, for example due to concealed screws, the night ventilation integrated into the standard version, the “TiltSafe” window with the option of burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2 in the tilt position, and the “Roto Sil Level 6” surface that offers outstanding corrosion protection in areas under particularly high stress. Not forgetting the “Smart Home ready” feature thanks to the new “Roto Com-Tec” wireless sensor for installation in the corner drive. Its three variants ensure greater security and convenience, including on our “Patio Alversa” Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide system.

  • Besides your new Tilt&Turn flagship product, what else was on the agenda for the trade fair?

Sander: We have been offering an additional component in our hardware series for a few weeks in the form of an upgraded V locking cam. Its further enlarged rebate-clearance tolerance range facilitates fast installation, even in difficult installation conditions, because it requires less configuration work. The integrated fine-pitch thread makes precise height adjustment possible, while minimising collisions with the frame components. The robust V locking cam ensures consistent gasket compression and therefore tightly sealed windows. It is easy to adjust with a standard hex key. Generally, we believe the continuing market success of the comprehensive “NX” range is mainly due to its added value for retailers and fabricators. One example of this is the fact that the components can also be used in the “Patio Alversa” and “Patio Inowa” sliding systems. This results in less complexity and a reduced number of items.

Demand-driven Sliding generation

  • Let’s stick with sliding systems. Would they also have been a focal topic for Roto at “Fensterbau Frontale”?

Sander: Definitely. We believe sliding systems are a clear growth segment. In our view, on the one hand they have the potential required to effectively meet the dramatically changed general conditions and market requirements of “tomorrow”. That applies to the effects of the housing situation, climate change and demography among other things. On the other hand, the systems fulfil all relevant trends. By that I particularly mean the clear trend towards more light and therefore larger glass surfaces and floor-to-ceiling elements, slimline profiles, integrated, invisible hardware, energy efficiency and sound insulation. The growing demand for accessible and convenient solutions as a result of demographic change – we would have used the trade fair to demonstrate our expertise here too – is also underpinning the modern Sliding generation. However, its affordability is just as important as its quality.

  • How is Roto contributing to this in practice?

Sander: I would like to mention the “Patio Alversa” and “Patio Inowa” hardware product ranges as specific examples. We have developed intelligent, efficient manufacturing technologies for these. They enable sliding elements to be manufactured in large quantities on the predominantly automated production lines of window manufacturers. For example, in the “Alversa” range, one Tilt&Slide solution and three Parallel Sliding solutions, including different ventilation functions, can be manufactured on one production line. This ensures highly economical production, creating the basis for continuous market coverage at convincing prices.

  • What are the key selling points of “Patio Alversa”?

Sander: The outstanding economic efficiency of the modular product range is mainly due to the universal central locking system and the large proportion of identical parts used in all four versions. The integrated night ventilation function and RC 2 compatibility are further strengths of the system, in addition to type-specific benefits. The Parallel Sliding versions are intuitive to use, which also makes the range attractive. We succeeded in adapting the operating logic to the familiar sequences learned from Tilt&Turn windows. The same applies to “Patio Inowa” too.

  • How would you have positioned these Sliding alternatives to visitors at the trade fair?

Sander: As “smart hardware for tightly sealed, RC 2-compatible sliding systems”. Due to the sash’s special closing movement perpendicular to the frame profile, the circumferential gasket and the active locking points in the mullion, “Patio Inowa” is ideal for various possible applications as a window or balcony door and, of course, also for properties in regions with extreme weather conditions. That has been confirmed by independent awards in the USA. Numerous case study projects in many different countries also demonstrate our international expertise.

  • Let’s talk about product improvements. What would trade visitors to Nuremberg have seen and experienced in this regard?

Sander: We had planned to premiere the “SoftClose” function for “Patio Inowa”. It allows the sash to be pulled shut and closed automatically with a slow, gentle movement. So it offers added convenience. Other product improvements in “smart” hardware are helping to make installation even easier, for example.

Significant safety boost for partners

  • Product pairing and a system concept are key elements of Roto’s strategy. In what other ways would you have demonstrated this in mid-March?

Sander: In this context, reliable interaction between hardware and gaskets is very important. They affect the performance of windows and doors directly and fundamentally. Therefore, whenever possible the hardware configuration and sealing profiles are jointly tailored to customer- and product-specific requirements in FTT’s service partnership. This boosts safety significantly for our partners. In the sealing profile sector, this is guaranteed by Deventer, a member of this division. Several different products exhibited in Nuremberg would have demonstrated this in specific examples for individual development projects for timber, PVC and aluminium systems.

  • Does the systems expertise also extend to door technology?

Sander: Of course. We are a one-stop system component shop – this applies to our “Door” range too. Consequently, our three product groups – multipoint lockings, thresholds and main door hinges – are interlinked. The concealed “Roto Solid C” for aluminium main doors has recently been added to the latter product group. The outward opening version was also on the list of products to be premiered at the trade fair.