Interconnected technology for external doors
Dieter Manz is pleased that “if the predictions are correct, then the industry can look forward to successful times,” as he stated on the occasion of the 13th International Roto Trade Press Day held in mid-November 2018. The reason is that market researchers are expecting the global door market to grow by €120 billion in total by 2024. This corresponds to an “impressive” growth of 55% when you take account of the €77.5 billion calculated for 2016, explained Door Sales Manager for Europe to the media representatives who gathered in Kalsdorf, near Graz. The Austrian site with Development and Design department, production facilities and an exhibition dedicated to door technology has established itself as a competence centre for the “Door” product range in the group. The focus on the latest KPIs is of particular interest specifically due to the variety of systems and suggested solutions for technical equipment in main entrance and back doors.

Meeting expectations

Roto also went on to describe itself as the most complete provider of door technology at present. With locking systems, locks, hinges, handles, thresholds and gaskets, the company offers complete concepts from a single source. The close interconnection between research, development, production and marketing, on the one hand, and a long-standing close relationship with customers in all markets, on the other, helps to fully meet the demands of door professionals for “reliable and coordinated components”. In this regard, business partners firstly expect product-relevant factors such as sophisticated technology, long-term functionality and a high level of operating convenience. Criteria such as ease of installation or the simplicity of product ranges are becoming increasingly important. The latter factor in particular has a positive effect on economic KPIs in production and storage.

For the Door Sales Manager for Europe, Roto’s range of locking systems is leading the way in proving “how coordinated components can result in more benefits for customers”. The range includes solutions that meet various security and safety requirements according to needs and whose various components can be combined to create compatible systems. This alone results in a host of advantages for specialist companies. This includes the option of being able to offer no less than four burglary resistance classes in the case of mechanical multipoint locking systems with RC1 to RC4. In addition, segmentation from back doors to premium doors is possible, allowing the door manufacturer to offer an extensive product range. Furthermore, the streamlined frame components concept reduces storage costs. The standardised routing dimension in the “Panic” multipoint locking systems also reduces the costs and complexity involved in using these components. Other customer benefit features from the “Safe P” series to be listed were the combination with various additional locking elements and the high-quality base materials as the basis for product stability and certified reliability in accordance with DIN EN 179 and EN 1125.

Reliable functionality and more

Manz concluded his speech by stating that the “Roto Eifel” threshold range also plays a significant part in the success of the “Door” portfolio. This is thanks to factors such as the reliable functionality with features such as “accessible in accordance with DIN 18040”, “individuality” and an “extensive range”. This is complemented by “certified thermal insulation” to the benefit of doors with highly effective thermal insulation. Last but not least, a concealed screw fixing and the driving rain tightness in accordance with DIN make a significant contribution towards the customer benefits of “design and security”.

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