Kasson and Keller Embraces Continued Growth

In 1946 Austin Kasson and William Keller Sr., along with 3 employees, started selling blown-in insulation for homes. The next year, 1947, Kasson and Keller added a line of storm windows and doors to their business. They further expanded in 1951 by operating with 10 employees and opening a factory to assemble parts that are used in storm windows and doors for other companies who manufactured the finished product.

By 1956 Kasson and Keller had started to manufacture their own exclusive line of aluminum products as their own brand: “Kasson and Keller.” To start out they produced 7 lines of windows, 3 lines of doors, roll-up awnings, and more. The 80’s saw vinyl becoming increasingly popular in the market and Kasson and Keller started to manufacture vinyl windows.

Kasson and Keller saw numerous periods of growth and expansion, and today they manufacture 3 distinct brands to serve the diverse markets: EcoShield, Masterview, and Smarter Window Systems.

Casement System Success

Kasson and Keller has been a customer of Roto North America for over 4 years. Their experience with Roto has been successful due to the design and reliability of the products offered. Kasson and Keller utilize Roto’s full casement system including their operators, lock bars, casement corner drive, and 2-bar hinges for PVC profiles.

Don Hurley, Kasson and Keller’s Plant and Purchasing Manager, said, “We have been very satisfied with our partnership with Roto and look forward to continued success together.”

Roto Offers Reliable Service and Products

Kasson and Keller also purchase RotoFasco Secura (sliding patio door hardware), RotoFasco Versa (sash locks), and Angel Ventlocks (WOCD).  Roto offers numerous Sliding Patio Door handle options in both modern or contemporary design and works with customers to meet their needs and growing consumer trends. RotoFasco Secura handles are also offered in a better/best segment to make sure there is complete satisfaction for our customers and the market.

Speaking as to why they switched to Roto hardware 4 years ago, “We were unhappy with a previous supplier,” said Hurley.  “The support we receive from Roto is outstanding. Especially Sandra Mahan, she is excellent at her Customer Service responsibilities,” said Don Hurley

Marco Kroes, Roto’s Business Region Manager, said, “Roto offers all of our customers high product quality and high service quality and we pride ourselves on creating superior customer value through our products and services. I enjoy working in close collaboration with Kasson and Keller to help grow their business.”