The demand for Turn-Only windows with an opening width that can be individually restricted for certain users is increasing across the world. This has given rise to a product concept which has been generating a great deal of interest among specialist planners and metal constructors since it was introduced at the BAU 2019 trade fair. An opening restrictor that is ideal for both inward opening and outward opening aluminum windows.

While the maintenance crew should be able to fully open every sash at all times, the opening movement is purposely limited for employees or hotel guests, for example. The opening restrictor is controlled by the handle only. Using the proven “Roto TiltFirst” window handle technology means that users only have the 0° or 90° handle positions to choose from. They are therefore only able to close or open a sash as far as the defined end stop position and lock it there. The handle then prevents the opened sash at the defined opening width from slamming shut in windy conditions. The sash is locked by moving the handle at the end stop from the 90° position back into the 0° locked position. Only authorized staff are able to unlock the handle on the cylinder using a removable key when the sash is closed and disable the turn restrictor by turning the handle to 180°.


Using this innovative Roto opening restrictor results in a convenient solution that ensures that sashes stop at a defined opening width and are locked in this end-stop position using the handle. The intuitive operation and sturdy design also make the new opening restrictor suitable for buildings and rooms where the users are constantly changing, such as hotels.

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