Paradigm Windows Converts to Roto X-DRIVE® Hardware System Without a Hitch


Paradigm Windows of Portland, Maine has been in business for 30 years serving the most discerning customers in America. Known for their “Higher Standard” limited lifetime warranty — one of the strongest in the business, Paradigm stands by every window they make.

Time For Change

According to Andy Sevier, Paradigm Plant Manager, “We were using a well known casement hardware system in our windows for years. But in early 2009 we noticed an increasing number of complaints from our contractor customers indicating that hinges were catching and sticking. Then we began to get field service calls about the operating hardware rusting.” Although these issues made up a small percentage of Paradigm’s total field service calls, it was enough to cause concern, especially since the company’s warranty
is tied so closely to labor.


The Roto X-DRIVE System features smooth operation and excellent flexibility for fabricators and contractors alike.

Paradigm tried to work with their current casement hardware supplier, but they didn’t provide a solution to the problems. “The problems persisted, said Sevier, so in July 2010, we decided to switch to Roto Frank of America and the complete X-DRIVE® casement hardware system.”

Smooth Transition

“Because it can involve significant retooling costs and fabrication issues, we were initially reluctant to make a switch to another casement hardware supplier. But after meeting with the Roto team, we were convinced we were making the right decision.”

“At Roto, we’re dedicated to solving customer problems and we’ve developed a proven conversion system that makes transitioning to our hardware smooth,” says Dan Gray, Director, Business Development & Product Marketing.

Personal Support

“The conversion was well orchestrated by Roto, said Sevier. A lot of coordination was required, copy routers needed to be modified, and templates and jigs needed to be created. Roto’s technical team worked side by side with our people and stayed for nearly a week to make sure the transition went well. There were some hiccups in the beginning, which is to be expected, but Roto responded immediately and worked on the issues until they were resolved.”

Problem Solved

Switching to Roto’s X-Drive® hardware system eliminated the fabrication issue and sash sticking problem. “With the product design of the previous hardware we were using, the pin rotates upward, so if the installation was slightly off, the sash would catch,” said Sevier.

However, with Roto’s design, the pin points downward and there are multiple adjustability points. “The adjustability allows more flexibility with installation and meets our window’s book specification. By using Roto hardware, perfection of installation is not as critical because of the multiple adjustability points including both the hinge and the locking system; we did not have that in our previous system. Ultimately Roto’s hardware is simply more flexible all around.”

Pre-Assembled Lock Bar Guides

There were some new factors that Paradigm had to get used to, though. According to Sevier, “With Roto’s systems there are some templates they suggest you use to align the keepers, but it’s pretty easy and we’ve adjusted to this change. The lock bar guides are pre-assembled and lined up to make fabrication easier.”

From a field service perspective, “My field service manager said we are no longer receiving calls about rust or sashes sticking. He tells us that the operation is smoother and it works significantly better than the previous hardware we were using.”

Enhancing Performance. Adding Value.

According to David Gilson, Roto’s Business Region Manager, “I knew we could help Paradigm with their goal to increase the performance level and benefits they offer their customers because that is our objective with every fabricator; and we continue to prove that we provide those results with all the success we have achieved, even more so through this tough market.”

“It’s not every day that you change your hardware out, says Sevier, but we are glad we switched to Roto. They have extensive experience and provide the personal and technical support we need. Today we’re building better casement windows. We’re also confident Roto will stay ahead of the technology curve and continue to supply us with great products for years to come.”