2017 brought numerous hurricanes, along with 130 mph winds and widespread damage throughout Florida and up the East Coast. As the 2018 hurricane season approaches, homeowners need to be cognizant of the ways that hurricanes can damage windows and doors and how certain hardware can help protect against damage.

Roto North America offers products that can help protect homes against damages caused by inclement weather and exposure to salt water. Roto’s OP08 X-Drive Operators are made with 300 Series stainless steel and are cut with patented laser technology, which hardens carbon steel and creates superior wear resistance. The performance of this product also exceeds standards set by AAMA.

300 Series stainless steel is comprised of alloys that resist corrosion and maintain their strength at high temperatures. Roto offers the HG06 hinge and LB08 lockbars that are available in 300 Series stainless steel. The lockbars are stamped out of rolled wire for superior strength, offered in a variety of lock-point configurations, and feature adjustable lock pins that offer the ability to control compression levels after installation.

Roto’s Casement Corner Drive (CCD) is an innovative product that offers enhanced security and performance of DP100 of higher. It provides an integrated lock point positioned 3” from the frame corner for superior air/structural performance.

About Roto North America
Roto North America is comprised of Roto Frank of America, Inc. in Chester, Connecticut and Roto Fasco Canada, Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Both locations manufacture window and door hardware, which offers solutions for North American and European applications. RFA and RFC are wholly owned subsidiaries of Roto Frank AG, a global leader in window and door hardware, with 18 production plants and more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide.
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