Roto North America’s President & CEO, Chris Dimou, attended the German American Business Outlook 2019 and the New Year’s Luncheon with Dr. Emily Haber, German Ambassador to the United States, held in NYC. The GABO is the annual survey of German firms in the United States, which offers insight into the current status and future expectations of German companies in the US. This event is one of the most important economic indicators for German American business relations.

90% of respondents said that open markets are very important to their businesses. 3% of surveyed companies predict a contraction of the US economy, but 9% see a contraction for their own business, which is the highest since the recession. A major challenge that continues is trying to find skilled labor, with 78% of companies experiencing this predicament. German American Chamber of Commerce of New York President & CEO, Dietmar Rieg, met with Dimou in 2018 to discuss the topic of Workforce Development.

“The GABO is always informative because the data analysis helps give insight to our current Workforce Development climate,” said Dimou. “Roto is working with our community through local high schools, universities, and more to offer internships that will attract young, talented people to help build a skilled workforce.”

Dr. Emily Haber was a special guest at the 2019 New Year’s Luncheon. During the luncheon, high-level representatives of Germany and the United States came together to receive insights and network.

“One of the many aspects of the transatlantic relationship: The strong economic ties between Germany and the US, characterized by innovation, investment in talent, skilled labor & vocational training. We are celebrating this success story and looking ahead to 2019,” said Dr. Emily Haber.


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