Roto Patio Fold

Roto Patio Fold
Features & Benefits
  • Energy-efficient, barrier-free comfort threshold with improved isothermal efficiency
  • Barrier-free living, e.g. for families with small children or in nursing homes, disabled people’s homes or buildings
  • Cover strip with anti-slide grooves protects the passage area
  • Concealed screw fixing of the frame hinges provides added protection against break-in and enhances the overall elegant appearance
  • Suitable for:
    – Fold&Slide systems made of the frame materials timber and PVC
    – Frame external width up to 6000 mm
    – Sash rebate width 450 – 1200 mm on the access sash
    – Sash rebate width 450 – 900 mm on the folding sash
    – Sash rebate height 600 – 2400 mm
    – Sash weights up to 100 kg (220 lbs)
Product Overview

Roto Patio Fold premium hardware for timber and PVC profiles allows the efficient opening of large Fold&Slide systems with individual elements up to sash weights of 80 kg (175 lbs). All door elements can be folded to save space and can be pushed to the side over a total frame width of up to 6 m.

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