Roto Patio Lift

Roto Patio Lift
Roto Patio Lift
Product Overview

Roto Patio Lift is our standard hardware for large Lift&Slide doors made of aluminum. It enables the easy operation of heavy sliding elements, up to 300 kg. The space-saving opening of balcony doors with Lift&Slide sashes instead of Turn-Only sashes permits optimum use of space, as no sashes project into the room. Thanks to the generous window dimensions, plenty of light can enter the room thereby giving discerning and design-oriented customers a special feeling of well-being.

Features & Benefits
  • Suitable for:
    – Sash weights up to 100 kg Lift&Slide systems made of aluminum frame material
    ­– Sash height and width up to 3000 mm
    ­– Sash weights up to 300 kg
  • High-quality bogie technology with ball-bearing rollers made of high-performance PVC guarantee smooth running, silent operation
  • Bogie and espagnolette housing made of stainless steel or zinc diecast
  • Optional locking components provide additional night ventilation
  • Ideally suited for thermal insulating, triple-glazed sashes that meet the current energy-saving and thermal insulation requirements
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