Innovative products with the technological backbone of a modular system are accompanied by experienced technical support.

The specific benefit for the customer and user is always the deciding factor. Surveys and analysis have shown that minimal complexity and simple, easy-to-install systems are what matter in B2B operations. This is why efficient procurement processes, among other factors, are important for many companies. The Roto modular system fulfils these premises. For instance, the significant use of identical parts and the consistent reduction in the number of items greatly facilitate simple and quick installation. Reliability, security and flexibility are also ensured through the compatibility across different product groups.

Modular “prime example”

The interaction between hardware and gaskets is very important, as this affects the performance of windows and doors to a great extent and in the long term. Therefore, whenever possible the hardware configuration and sealing profiles are jointly tailored to customer- and product-specific requirements by Roto and group member Deventer. The much greater system security that is achieved through this prevents functional and economic risks in equal measure.

The company names the extensive “Roto NX” hardware product range as a “prime example” of the systematic strategy adopted. Designed and implemented as a modular system, it purposefully still has some of its predecessor – “NT” – in its DNA. This means that fabricators can switch over to the new Tilt&Turn flagship system at any time and without major investment. Its practical added value also covers many facets.

The product range – which has since been rounded off by the hinge side T for timber windows and the further developed V locking cam – has been impressing customers. This is due to benefits such as quick and simple assembly during production and installation, the minimal complexity, the reduced number of items, the lower storage and logistics outlay, the wide range of applications of comfort and security windows up to zero barrier balcony doors, the integrated night ventilation, the suitability for RC 2 in the tilt position and the possibility of integration into the home automation system. The “Roto Com-Tec” wireless sensor, which is precisely tailored for this purpose, currently makes this possible.

Economical evidence and other forms of proof

The fact that “NX” components have also been used to produce sliding solutions additionally attests to the efficiency of the interlinked product segments. This applies in particular to the “Roto Patio Inowa” and “Roto Patio Alversa” product ranges. In the latter product range, one Tilt&Slide solution and three Parallel Sliding solutions, including different ventilation functions, can be manufactured on one production line. In all four versions of “Alversa”, the universal central locking system and the distinctive use of the same parts also results in especially economical production.

Further systematic evidence in the sliding segment: in addition to the hardware and the compatible gasket, additional components such as handles, glazing blocks and packing plates are also included in the optional scope of delivery. Particularly with large and heavy folding and sliding systems, what matters is the right support surface, which ensures stability and prevents the elements dropping.

Security for all

The “Roto Door” range is ultimately also adopting the strategy of a “one-stop system component shop”. As a result, the three product groups – multipoint lockings, thresholds and main door hinges – are consistently interlinked. With mechanical, electromechanical and automatic lockings for main doors, back doors, escape doors and panic doors, screw-on hinges and butt hinges, thresholds, gaskets and accessories, the company offers a specially tailored complete package for ‘everything about doors’. This fosters security – for producers, retailers and end customers alike.


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