With the acquisition of VBH Mexico, Roto Frank AG strengthens its presence in this Latin American country. The acquisition of the distributor specializing in window and door hardware systems provides the professional infrastructure needed for further growth. The photo shows (from left) Andrzej Wyszogrodzki and Victor Trenev (both Managing Directors of VBH Holding GmbH), Dr. Eckhard Keill (Roto’s CEO) and Michael Stangier (Roto’s CFO) signing the contract.

“We are pleased to be able to proactively strengthen our expansion strategy in Mexico”, says Dr. Eckhard Keill about the significant impact of the new acquisition by Roto Frank AG. As the CEO and Head of the Window and Door Technology Division states, the hardware manufacturer purchased VBH Mexico S.A. de C.V in June 2018. The acquisition of the distributer based in Puebla, Mexico, which specializes in the sale of window and door hardware systems, offers the opportunity to utilize a well-established and professional infrastructure to meet the growing demand of the Mexican and Central American markets.

Particularly in the aluminum and PVC sectors, this “very positive business development”, as well as the favorable mid-term forecast, has prompted Roto to intensify the search for additional personnel and logistics capacities. This agreement is an “excellent solution”, says Dr. Keill, as it will increase our performance and customer satisfaction.

The purchase includes extensive storage space and the acquisition of the entire VBH Mexico team, which consists of a managing director and the current 14 qualified employees. With this investment, Roto will create a foundation for future growth in Mexico.

Victor Trenev, Managing Director of VBH Holding GmbH, explains: “In keeping with its strategic direction, VBH is increasing its concentration on Europe and the CIS countries. Therefore, this transaction is in the interest of both companies. We are pleased to have found this good, and sustainable, arrangement for our employees in Mexico with our long-standing partner, Roto. With our previous departure from Argentina and now Mexico, we have completed our withdrawal from Latin America and are fully focused on Europe and the CIS region.” The European VBH subsidiaries have experienced very positive growth in recent years and anticipate its continuation.


About Roto North America
Roto North America is comprised of Roto Frank of America, Inc. in Chester, Connecticut and Roto Fasco Canada, Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Both locations manufacture window and door hardware, which offers solutions for North American and European applications. RFA and RFC are wholly owned subsidiaries of Roto Frank AG, a global leader in window and door hardware, with 18 production plants and more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide.
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