Hartmut Schmidt, the Director of Product Innovation in the Window and Door Technology division, explains how Roto has been active in the Smart Home field but by definition does not meet requirements for a Smart Home.

If “smart” is used to refer to universal remote controls, i.e. smartphones or central displays, showing the opening states of windows and doors, then Roto’s range has included solutions to this for at least ten years now. However, these would not meet the requirements for a Smart Home because homes are only deemed “smart” if the systems act independently in a way that is appropriate for the everyday behavior of owners, are self-learning, and also create a real benefit because: “not everything that is technically feasible is actually useful for customers.”

Schmidt continued by stating that living with technology is advantageous mainly from a security aspect from a customer perspective. However, the corresponding applications must not turn into a problem. Their complexity requires implementation that is focused on solutions and is possible across different trades.

“Roto is continuing to expand its range of future-oriented, Smart Home-compatible components with added value for customers,” announced Schmidt. He referred to the electronic door closers from the “Safe E Eneo” series and the “E-Tec Drive” concealed electric window openers as contributions and examples that are already successful at present.
Schmidt concluded by stating that “together with the new ‘TiltSafe’ function of the ‘Roto NX’ hardware, application scenarios such as automatic night cooling with protection against burglary can be achieved.” In addition to creating innovative products, it is equally important for the company to continue offering and to build on the recognized good technical support for market partners in the field of “Smart Home Ready”.

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