Tilt&Turn NT for Vinyl & Wood Profiles

Tilt&Turn NT for Vinyl & Wood Profiles
Features & Benefits
  • Roto NT has 3 levels of security/performance, allowing for a good/better/best segmentation
  • Roto NT offers a patented clip/fit system that allows for ease of installation, and the ability to add-on additional pieces of hardware to an application
  • Roto NT has a NanoSil coating that provides extensive corrosive performance over time
  • NT Designo concealed hardware components, provide an aesthetically pleasing view to the outside – with large glass surfaces and narrow frame profiles – can accommodate sash weights up to 150 kg (330 lbs.)
  • Roto NT visible hinges can accommodate up to 150kg (330 lbs.) with timber profiles and up to 130kg (285 lbs.) with vinyl profiles
Product Overview

Our high-quality Roto NT Tilt&Turn hardware system for vinyl and wood profiles is based on a proven concept which, thanks to a very wide range of accessories, covers practically all customers’ needs and meets individual demands for making day-to-day living more pleasant.

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