Roto Cultivates Relationship with Ventana USA

It is often said that an existing customer is your best new customer. That saying seems to ring true with Roto’s longtime customer, Ventana USA. Roto’s relationship with Ventana, Export, PA, began more than 15 years ago when they started using the Roto Pro-Drive® multi-point locking system in their casement and garden windows. Today, Ventana uses even more Roto window and door hardware including Roto X-Drive® and Roto NT European hardware in many of their European doors.


Ventana Garden Windows outfitted with Roto X-Drive® hardware feature high-quality and smooth performance.

Relationship with Ventana took root more than 15 years ago

According to Joe Brannagan, Supervisor for Ventana’s Garden Window Department, “We’ve been a Roto customer for more than 15 years now. We really like the quality and design of Roto hardware because it works well with our windows. We’ve found that compared to other hardware, it’s easier to operate and install. We also like X-Drive’s adjustability. It functions great with little or no adjustment on the first try and that saves us time and money. For example, if the unit gets knocked out of alignment, the hardware is easy to adjust right in the field. Also, all hardware in our Garden Windows comes from Roto so we do not have to mix and match components. That ensures great fit and functionality. Roto’s on-time delivery is also a plus.”

Roto branches out to Ventana’s Euro Department

According to Chip Carter, FDR & Euro Product Specialist, the success with using Roto hardware in Ventana casement and garden windows made them an ideal partner for the company’s Euro department as well. “Since we had an established relationship with Roto, it was an easy decision for us to specify Roto’s European hardware for our Euro system. We use Roto’s NT system which includes components for our Tilt and Turn, Swing Door, Tilt and Slide, and Fold and Slide Systems.”

He adds, “Roto has been a great partner for our Euro department. They have been more than willing to provide their expertise when it comes to BOM creation, and hardware fabrication training. Carter also noted, “As the interest and demand for tilt turn products have grown in the states, so has Roto’s commitment to the hardware systems required for fabricating a quality Euro end product.”


Roto NT European hardware is used in Ventana’s high-quality European doors including Tilt and Slide, and Fold and Slide Systems, among others.

Service and responsiveness are keys to a successful relationship

Carter also described another benefit of using one supplier for multiple product lines. “Using one hardware supplier for both product lines allows us to use our own trucks to pick up hardware orders. That reduces costly freight expenses.”

In terms of customer service, Carter said, “Sandra Mahan, my customer support contact, is an incredible partner to work with. She always goes the extra mile to make sure she communicates hardware availability and is prompt with all responses to order confirmations. Whenever I am in a bind and need a part fast, I know Sandra will do everything she can to get that part out as quickly as possible. I can honestly say they are the supplier I enjoy working with most.”

From a purchasing and accounting perspective, Ventana’s Melissa Andrews also gives Roto high marks for service and responsiveness. She has worked with the Roto team for some 12 years, adding, “The customer service team is great. They always answer in a timely manner and are always helpful when trying to work through a problem or rush a product. The entire Roto team is a friendly, knowledgeable group.”