Roto X-DRIVE Locking Systems

Roto X-DRIVE Locking Systems
Features & Benefits

Locking Handles

LH08 – Vinyl/Fiberglass/Composite/Aluminum Applications

  • Single and multi-point LH08 Handles are offered in several configurations to meet most application requirements
  • Non-handed design reduces inventory
  • Audible “click” signifies the window is locked
  • Available in powder-coated and architectural finishes for greater design flexibility

LH15 – Wood/Fiberglass/Composite Applications

  • Connects directly to lock bar with no additional components
  • Built-in construction handle
  • Single and multi-point versions available
  • Available in powder-coated and architectural finishes

LH20 – Vinyl/Aluminum Applications

  • Minimal 11 mm projection with flared lever
  • Brush seal handle plate
  • Non-handed multi-point locks and handed single-point locks
  • Available in powder-coated and architectural finishes



  • Powder Coated or 304 SST lockbars can be used in most applications. Offered in a variety of lock-point configurations
  • Locating tabs to provide fast assembly and precise positioning for easy installation
  • Stainless steel bars have passed hurricane impact testing (Dade County) with various profiles
  • Adjustable lock pins offer ability to control compression levels after installation
  • Supplied with the guides attached, and bars are non-handed to reduce inventory levels


Corner Drive


  • Innovative new product offers enhanced security and performance of DP100 or higher
  • Add-on product that easily connects to our standard LB08 lock bars
  • Provides integrated lock point positioned 3” from frame corner for superior air/structural performance
  • Allows easy addition of locking points to top of windows
Product Overview

Often regarded as the highest performing and highest quality locking system in the market, Roto X-DRIVE casement and awning window locking systems provide superior locking and sealing for improved security and seal against weather.

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