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Roto Aluvision: Tilt&Turn

Roto Aluvision: Tilt&Turn hardware product ranges have expanded for a broader application range


The market trend for tall and heavy windows made from aluminum profiles continues. The higher weights and larger formats pose increasing challenges to hardware with respect to resilience, functional safety and overall quality. Roto Aluvision is now the first supplier on the market with a hardware product range of Turn-Only, Tilt&Turn and TiltFirst windows made from aluminum up to a height of 3000 mm (9’8”) and a weight of 300 kg (660 lbs).

The new installation instructions for “Roto AL” and “Roto AL Designo” show the extended range of applications. For example, sashes up to a height of 3000 mm can be produced without the need for special approval.

While the “AL” hardware system already passed the required tests in early 2020, one thing has been clear since the start of 2021: With the addition of the “AL Designo” concealed hinge side, even more sash formats can be offered without the need for special approval.

If windows taller than 3000 mm are to be made available, Roto Aluvision will continue to support window manufacturers by proving fast, binding statements on feasibility and necessary testing or special approval. If a window cannot be produced with a standard solution included in the installation instructions, Roto is always the right point of contact. Customers can count on Roto! This is proven almost on a daily basis with project-specific solutions which allow window manufacturers to meet unusual customer requirements.”


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