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Product Overview

Roto Patio Alversa offers universal hardware that requires minimum effort in different opening versions and ventilation functions for Parallel Sliding and Tilt&Slide systems made of wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

Alversa Program

  • Modular sliding system with universal central locking system and handle for all variants
  • Utilizes components from the proven Roto NX and Roto AL systems
  • Reduces the outlay required in manufacturing, storage, and logistics to a minimum
  • Innovative opening and closing mechanism of variants enables smooth, quiet operation
  • Special damping elements ensure optimized sash run-in and run-out characteristics
  • Turning handle tilts the sash automatically; no need to manually push against the sash
  • Large and heavy sliding doors can be operated effortlessly


RotoPatioAlversaKS | Tilt&Slide System 

  • Suitable for sashweights up to 353lbs. (160kg)


RotoPatioAlversaPS | Parallel Sliding System  

  • Suitable for sashweights up to 440lbs. (200kg) 
  • Night ventilation option available