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Hinged Patio | Locking Systems

Product Overview

Roto offers a variety of multi-point locking gears for swing doors, manufactured in 304 SST and Roto Sil Nano technology. The gears offer an array of lock point styles, ranging from tongues to hooks to bolts. Corner drives and shoot bolts are add-on options at the head and sill to provide the ultimate in security and performance.

Roto Safe H | Mechanical Multipoint Lock for Lever-handle-operated Doors

  • Sound-absorbing whisper latch for closing the door quietly
  • Backset sizes ranging from 25 mm to 65 mm
  • Highest gasket compression for excellent tightness
  • Highly effective for maximum energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Constantly high gasket compression prevents door from warping
  • Hardware will allow slightly warped doors to close tightly and securely
  • Smooth and convenient operation thanks to optimized transfer of power from the cylinder or lever handle to the lock
    • H650
    • For wood and vinyl doors
    • Backset sizes ranging from 25 mm to 65 mm
    • Additional security components available
    • H650 AL
    • For aluminum doors
    • Backset sizes of 35 mm, 40 mm, and 45 mm
    • Couplable with components from the proven Roto AL system


Roto Safe P | Panic and Emergency Multipoint Locks

  • Suitable for use on wood, vinyl, and aluminum doors
  • Backset sizes ranging from 35 mm to 80 mm
  • Features free moving cylinders that can be back driven
  • Available with a variety of locking points, including automatic locks
  • For use on single sashed doors only
    • P600
    • For use with lever handle set where a one touch release of the hardware is required from the interior: simply depress the lever and the hardware unlocks and opens with one movement
    • P650
    • For use with emergency panic bar in public buildings: simply depress the panic bar from the inside and the system unlocks and opens with one movement


Roto Safe A | Mechanical-automatic Multipoint Lock

  • Suitable for use on main, apartment, and back doors in all frame materials
  • Backset sizes ranging from 35 mm to 80 mm for more flexibility
    • Tandeo
    • Automatic and secure locking without using the key
    • Three automatically extending security locking points for increased burglary inhibition
    • Reduced storage requirements due to the use of frame components from the Roto Safe standard range
    • Retrofittable day-time unlocking for simple access without a key


Roto HPD1 | 304 SST Multipoint Lock

  • Superior corrosion resistance with 304 SST component
  • Three active door locking point style options
  • Available for door heights 6’, 6’8”, 8’, and 10’
  • Intuitive and secure connection points between extensions via the connection clip and cover plate
  • Reversible mishandling device prevents damage to the door frame
  • Exceeds 3,000 hours of salt spray testing per ASTM B117
  • Passed the AAMA 909 cycle test
  • Passed the AAMA 1304-02 voluntary specification for determining forced entry resistance of side-hinged door systems