Angel Ventlock® for sliding and hung windowsAll too frequently, we hear about death and injuries of children, caused by falling out of windows. This is why the first full week of April is dedicated to “Window Safety Week” (WSW), which was established in 1997 by the National Safety Council (NSC) and the Window Safety Task Force, to highlight the measures homeowners can take to initiate window safety and fall prevention. If children are not supervised, opening windows can be dangerous, as they might fall out. While most windows have insect screens, the screens cannot support a child’s weight to prevent them from falling out the window. This is why it is important to make sure to have the right Window Opening Control Devices (WOCD) installed, to prevent accidents.

Chris Griffin, Roto Frank of America’s Design Engineering Manager and Roto’s representative on the Window Safety Task Force said, “Installing WOCDs is a very important safeguarding measure for homeowners to protect their families, especially those with small children.” Roto recommends checking the manufacturer’s product information to make sure such devices or guards comply with ASTM F2090, which can help prevent a child’s fall by limiting how far the window can open. They are also equipped with release devices to allow for escape in case of an emergency.

As the exclusive distributor in North America, Roto encourages the use of the Angel Ventlock®️ (AVL) for sliding and hung windows, manufactured by Mighton Products. The devices meet the most stringent international regulations of ASTM F2090-2010. AVLs are both low-cost and incredibly effective without detracting from the appearance and function of the window. The AVLs are made of sturdy zinc and are available in 3 colors and various forms: face-mounted, side-mounted, and mini versions that can be used in vinyl, wood, and aluminum windows.

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