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Roto Establishes Special “Door Innovation” Organization

In recent years, the Roto Window & Door Technology Group has established itself as a single-source supplier for door technology. On January 1st of this year, the team of “Door Innovation” experts, a new organizational form for product and market development, began its work. Under the operational management of Tom Vermeulen, Head of Sales “Door” & “Door Innovation”, experienced “Door” specialists assist with product development at door manufacturers and system suppliers as requested. The aim is to globally support them even more intensively than in the past through an accelerated product innovation process.

Chris Dimou, Director of International Markets “Door” & “Door Innovation”, an experienced member of Roto management and President of Roto The Americas, holds overall responsibility for the new organizational unit. Vermeulen coordinates the collaboration with customers and is supported with design, product development and application advice by the specialist team.

“Roto has had very good experiences with the formation of expert teams,” explains Dimou, “as whenever manufacturers and system suppliers meet with highly specialized business partners, the result is not only products of outstanding quality but also incredibly lucrative, long-standing business relationships.”

This is precisely the objective that is being pursued since Roto Window and Door Technology already established a solid foundation for this with an extensive “Door” product spectrum.

Vermeulen, who boasts many years of experience in companies in the door hardware and door lock industry, is excited about his team’s expertise: “We are able to set and pursue ambitious aims from the very outset because colleagues who have been working in the ‘Door’ segment and at Roto for many years are working together as part of the team. By forming the team, the organizational requirements are in place to enable the staff to devote their entire focus to collaborating with door manufacturers and system suppliers.” From the initial product idea to the market launch, in future this team in the form of an expert task force will support anyone who wants to develop innovative doors.

The “Door” range currently includes multipoint locks, main door hinges and thresholds. These are complemented by additional products such as gaskets, lever handles and cylinders. The new team of specialists will develop hardware solutions according to the specific preferences of purchasers on different continents based on this extensive product range for external doors. In this way, customer-specific product developments and applications of existing components can be implemented especially quickly.

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