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Roto North America Introduces New Product

Roto North America is excited to introduce our multi-point lock and new adjustable strikers for a 4-point locking system. This new product offers robust hook-style locking points with two opposing primary hooks and an additional outward facing hook 28” from each side of the center line. Manufactured at Roto Fasco Canada, Inc., the locks are produced with an anodized aluminum faceplate and 300 series stainless steel drive rail, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. The new adjustable strikers are produced with 300 series stainless steel plates along with a powder-coated zinc housing, for superior corrosion resistance, as well. Roto’s new products are compatible with the standard 100mm 3-hole US tail-driven system and is also available in a 125mm square driven system. The new 4-point locking system is complimented by our complete RotoFasco Secura Sliding Patio Door Handle line.

There are many advantages of a 4-point sliding patio door system. Roto’s hardware features an ease of installation because the 4-point is supplied as a “one piece” assembly Independent adjustable strikers offer fabricators increased adjustment range on the top and bottom locking points, where doors are more prone to misalignment. The multi-point lock and adjustable strikers feature an integrated mishandling device which prevents hooks from being thrown while open to avoid damage to the frame and hardware. Homeowners will use a single thumbturn lever action that will extend to all four locking points.

Adjustable Two-Point Striker

Adjustable Single-Point Striker

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