Staying Close to the Customer Pays Off


One reason Roto Frank of America and Roto Fasco Canada’s business model works so well, is that both companies share the same philosophy: Stay close to the customer and create superior value. This is actually part of their broader mission statement which can be seen in many locations throughout both companies. However, it is more than a statement that is simply posted to the wall; it’s a practice that is put into action every day. Roto Fasco’s relationship with Sunview Patio Doors, Ltd. of Ontario, Canada is a compelling example of this.


Sunview Patio Doors outfitted with Fasco hardware provide great performance and value.

Service and reliability spans 35 years

According to Tony Margiotta, president of Sunview Patio Doors “Fasco has been an amazing partner for more than three decades. Their service and reliability have been instrumental in helping us grow. Working with Fasco doesn’t require a lot of energy; it’s easy. They manage our historical volumes along with any current trends to ensure they always have what we need! Currently we are using the Fasco Elite and Euro Locks, Kick Lock, and Security Bar. All of these hardware products provide great value. They are easy to use and possess the performance and reliability we need. The various architectural finishes and colour options also provide a lot of flexibility with our configurations.”


Sunview’s 2900 Aluminum Series patio door features Fasco’s Multi-Point Lock, a heavy-duty locking system which provides two locking points on the door frame and comes standard.

Our success hinges on the customer’s success

“Sunview has been a great customer for so many years,” says Domenic Amendola, of Roto Fasco Canada. We realize that our success hinges on theirs, so we stay in close contact and help them out in every way we can. And now, with the additional product lines that Roto Frank of America has to offer, including the most comprehensive line of European hardware in North America, we hope to fill their needs in other areas as well.”

Relationship is more like a partnership

“Our relationship with Fasco isn’t a typical ‘customer/supplier’ relationship,” continues Margiotta. “Domenic is our Fasco sales representative, and has been for the last 35 years. He really is the face of Fasco to us. He is essentially part of the Sunview ‘family’ and visits often to determine how everything is going with our business. With Domenic, every situation is dealt with professionally, quickly and with no hassle. On the odd occasion that there is an issue, he resolves it quickly, with no red tape.”


A two position Kick Lock mounts to the bottom of the door and serves as a secondary lock while the door is in the closed position. Available in white, beige or brown.

Intuitive Inventory System Enhances Efficiency

In addition to Domenic Amendola’s personal service, Fasco’s intuitive Kanban inventory system with its automated re-stocking functionality is another factor that has contributed to Sunview’s success in serving their customers. “Because of Fasco’s stocking system, we carry very little inventory and have access to all Fasco’s colour and security options. This has been important to our growth and has enhanced our ability to quickly and efficiently deliver products to our customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our patio doors as well as our on-time delivery. Fasco plays a critical role in both of these areas,” says Margiotta.