Tilt&Turn Aluvision for Aluminum Profiles

Tilt&Turn Aluvision for Aluminum Profiles
Features & Benefits
  • Clever technology now also for aluminum profiles with a 16mm Euro hardware groove
  • Generous opening angle of up to 100° enables unimpaired views and prevents damage to the sash and wall
  • Tilt restrictor and anti-slam device protect against unpleasant surprises when the window is open
  • Permanent lubrication via patented grease depots means long-term smooth-running, low-maintenance windows
  • All conventional window shapes and all standard opening types: Tilt&Turn, Turn-Only, Tilt-Only or dummy mullion sashes and Tilt-First
  • Suitable for sash heights up to 2,700 mm and sash weights up to 130 kg (285 lbs)
Product Overview

Roto’s Aluvision hardware for aluminum windows and balcony doors meets the most demanding requirements for security, ease of use, flexibility, and durability in the commercial aluminum sector.

The modular design principle enables them to be integrated into all conventional Euro-chamber profile systems. Due to the use of corrosion-resistant materials, the hardware lasts longer and offers a high level of resistance against environmental influences.

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