Vinyl-Pro Window Systems and Roto North America: Sharing a Commitment to Excellence

A steadfast commitment to providing top-quality products is one of the main reasons for the steady growth and success of Vinyl-Pro Window Systems. The Concord, Ontario- based window manufacturer firmly believes there’s no such thing as a mass produced window.


“Every single window we make is customized to fit the specific needs of the buyer, down to the finest detail,” says Yuri Siniak, one of the company’s owners. “Our whole facility is outfitted with stateof-the-art machinery to maintain our personal quality standards.”

Siniak points out that Vinyl-Pro has experienced consistent growth over the past 12 years, relocating four times, and expanding each time as their business increases. The company’s 100,000 square foot full service facility features the latest German technology U-R-B-A-N machinery. “Our customers have come to depend on our quality and reliability and have grown with us.”

Quality Products, Quality Hardware

Another key to Vinyl-Pro’s success is matching the highest quality materials in the industry with their precise craftsmanship to create bold, unique windows that excel with style as well as functionality.

“We’re trying to build the best product out there and that means working with the best hardware and the best hardware manufacturers,” notes Siniak. “One of the main reasons that we chose to work with Roto North America is that they share our belief that a quality product and superior customer service go hand in hand. We use Roto’s multi-point locking systems for our casement and awning windows and their corner drives.”

Dedicated to Quality, Craftsmanship and Reliability

Vinyl-Pro believes strongly that quality stems from true passion for one’s craft. Unlike the average massproduced window, Vinyl-Pro windows are individually constructed with precise craftsmanship and attention to detail.

“Working with Roto enables us to provide our customers with something different that helps differentiate us from our competition,” says Siniak. “Roto’s unique product quality and reliability makes them a great partner. We know we can rely on their consistent on-time delivery and commitment to superior customer service.”