Manufacturers of aluminum windows who work with “Roto AL” or “Roto AL Designo” hardware product ranges can rely on various Roto opening restrictors which have been tested by ift Rosenheim. This is why Roto is pleased to announce the new “ELA” special opening restrictor as a safety feature installed on large Turn-Only aluminum windows.

The “ELA” opening restrictor locks in the end position and is controlled by the handle. By using the proven “Roto TiltFirst” technology, a user is only able to open the sash as far as the defined end stop position. The opening restrictor will limit the opening angle at 89 mm (3.5″).

The “ELA” opening restrictor can be installed on windows that weigh up to 200 kg (400 lbs.), and is available in screw-in and clampable versions.


Window Opening Restrictor
Roto Opening Restrictor

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