The global trend towards increasingly taller, wider, and heavier sliding patio doors is leading to rapidly growing quality and performance requirements for hardware. This is why Roto is excited to announce a new member of the internationally successful “Roto Patio Inowa” product range. A myriad of new parts will soon be available to complement the existing Roto Patio Inowa | 200 hardware. Roto Patio Inowa | 400 will allow manufacturers to build sliding patio doors up to 3000 mm (9’8”) wide, and 3600 mm (11’8”) tall, with a weight of 400 kg (880 lbs.). This will be the first and, to date, only solution of this kind in the “Retract & Slide” class.

Roto Patio Inowa | 400 is suitable for all common frame materials (PVC, wood, aluminum, wood-aluminum), and various sizes, as small sliding windows to oversized sliding elements.

Furthermore, the easy operation of even extra-large and heavy doors is made possible by a new, robust roller unit with stable, smooth-running rollers. The roller unit ensures safe weight transfer. It has integrated brushes and allows for height adjustment of -1 to +3 mm on the locking side.

An additional increase in comfort is provided by retrofittable and combinable Soft functions for mechanically controlled, braked opening and closing.

The sliding hardware has the applicable certificates. Finally, numerous international case study properties confirm the comprehensive yet individual practical application of Roto Patio Inowa.


Patio Inowa 400 Aluminum
Patio Inowa 400 Roler Unit

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