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Empowering Future Generations: Roto North America’s Commitment to Manufacturing Awareness

Roto North America actively engages with the community through local manufacturing initiatives, collaborating with organizations such as the South-Central Manufacturing Partnership, Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, Middlesex Chamber Manufacturing Council, and Connex Connecticut. “Our commitment extends beyond industry growth; we recognize the importance of inspiring and empowering future generations to explore careers in manufacturing. Together, we can build a vibrant and sustainable manufacturing ecosystem—one that empowers students, fuels innovation, and drives economic progress in Connecticut”, says Chris Dimou, Roto North America’s President & CEO, who also leads the Middlesex Chamber Manufacturing Council and is a Co-Chair of the South-Central Manufacturing Partnership.

Roto’s initiatives include factory tours and internship programs, aimed at fostering local manufacturing career awareness. As part of our commitment, we’ve already hired a former intern from the Transition Academy project, reinforcing our dedication to shaping the future of manufacturing in Connecticut.

Connecticut’s manufacturing sector remains a cornerstone of economic development, as highlighted by Governor Ned Lament: “Manufacturing continues to be a high-growth sector nationwide, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that Connecticut is at the forefront of the jobs and economic growth it provides.” To achieve this, collaboration and education are essential. By offering students opportunities to learn about manufacturing careers, we contribute to the overall prosperity of the industry and ignite passion in the next generation.

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