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NEW PRODUCT: Roto FS Kempton 4 Bar Hinges

Roto is excited to introduce the new Roto FS Kempton range. The stainless steel 4-bar hinges are used for Top-Hung and Side-Hung applications, are suitable for all frame materials, and can be used up to a 180kg (396 lb) sash weight. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Outward opening windows with integrated friction hinges both limit the possible opening angle of the window and ensure that the sash is held open in any opening angle. Friction hinges ensure that the window sash can be continually moved and monitored.

Another advantage is friction hinges offer more usable space inside the building, since the sash does not project obtrusively into the room during ventilation. Outward opening windows boast very tight sealing, especially when strong wind pressure forces impact on the window from outside.

Roto also offers numerous accessories to accompany this new product, such as turn restrictors, concealed snubbers, an anti-jemmy device, and a height adjustment component.

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