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Kempton 4-bar Hinge

Product Overview

Roto has a complete line of 4-bar friction hinges manufactured in 304 SST for Top-Hung (Awning configuration) and Side-Hung (Casement or Push-Out configuration).

  • Limit the opening angle of Push-Out windows and ensure the sash is held open
  • Ensure the window sash can be continually moved and monitored
  • Opening position of the window is retained, enabling convenient ventilation
  • Tight sealing, especially when strong wind pressure forces impact on the window from outside
  • Tested and certified for Top-Hung and Side-Hung variants
  • Top-hung hinges offer a height adjustment component
  • Top-Hung 22 in (558 mm), 24 in (609 mm), and 26 in(660 mm) include a variable end stop to limit window opening
  • Suitable for sash weights up to maximum of 53 – 397 lbs. (24 – 180 kg)
  • Array of turn restrictors available for commercial and residential applications