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Positive Action Locks

Product Overview

The Roto FlipLock is an automatic sash lock for single-hung, double-hung, and sliding windows that’s easy to install, easy to operate, and highly intuitive. FlipLock’s excellent balance and durability combined with its sleek design, provides you with a superior lock with great comfort, convenience, and security.

  • The Positive Action Lock, once unlocked and the sash is opened, resets itself and then locks automatically when the sash is closed
  • Ease of operation and peace of mind knowing that once the window is closed, it is locked
  • Unique breakaway feature: flip lever will stay up unless completely closed
  • Acts as a visible indicator that the window is not completely closed, thus not locked
  • Innovative functionality allows for ergonomic operation of the lock ADA friendly version is available
  • Internal mechanism has two springs to maintain balance
  • Enhanced durability/cycle performance, reliable and consistent functionality
  • Meets or exceeds forced entry resistance requirements and hurricane impact testing