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Reliable, Outstanding Performance – Today and Tomorrow

“The three divisions of the Roto Group have utilized 2023 to further increase their appeal through strategic acquisitions, product developments, and the expansion of service offers.” These were the words with which Dr. Eckhard Keill, Sole Director of Roto Frank Holding AG, opened the 18th International Roto Trade Press Day. Accordingly, he professed to be very pleased with the performance of the division in a challenging market environment. The increase in the Group’s net turnover of around 2% by the end of September is quite positive considering the difficult situation in the construction industry.

As expected, many customers of Roto Frank Window and Door Technology (FTT) and Roto Frank Roof System Technology (DST) were able to compensate for the decrease in demand for building elements in new construction by increasing their efforts in the remodeling business, according to the Holding Director. The significant growth of Roto Frank Professional Service GmbH (RPS) this year is also largely thanks to an increase in renovations.

The Group’s three divisions are especially reliable partners for their customers, even in times of crisis. In 2023, this was rewarded with new business relationships and the expansion of existing partnerships. “People clearly appreciate reliability in these unstable times,” stated the Roto Director.

“Without healthy companies in the construction industry, problems like the housing crisis and excessive emissions cannot be solved. The building elements industry and companies like Roto have an important role in solving these crucial problems,” so Dr. Keill.

The added value that can be achieved through renovation has not been getting the attention it deserves. “We need to revive the desire for renovation, get people invested in sustainability! That is why our industry, in particular, should position itself as a reliable partner for those who take sustainability seriously and want to act.”

According to Dr. Keill, one option is to upgrade recently purchased or inherited homes to or beyond the minimum standards. The German Buildings Energy Act advises homebuyers in this regard as well.

“Someone who purchases an older house or apartment wants to create a comfortable space for themselves. Or they want to invest money so that a long-term return can be achieved through renting. Accordingly, it should be easier to motivate buyers to invest in the future viability of real estate.”

Manufacturers of windows and doors would benefit from an increased motivation to remodel buildings sooner than other sectors. Energy advisors report that replacing older building elements is a particularly popular measure among homeowners. “After all, our industry helps homeowners save energy and upgrade the look and feel of spaces for increased living comfort – a win-win situation.” Focusing on new, improved, and reliable windows and doors is clever and pays off. This would allow the industry to maintain or even expand its competitive advantage over other industries.

Roto has many trained experts who are supporting those who want to help build towards the future. The latest investments in Roto’s product range, services, international presence and sustainability have further improved the prospects of the three divisions and Dr. Keill is optimistic about the Roto Group’s net turnover for 2024.

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