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Systems Expertise Strengthens Market Position

“The reliable support we offer our partners has motivated other window and door manufacturers to start or expand their collaboration with Roto this year.” summarized CEO Marcus Sander, regarding the development of Roto Window and Door Technology at the 18th International Trade Press Day in Graz, Austria. Thanks to further promoting digitalization and automation, he explained, Roto is able to respond quickly to changing needs with its 18 manufacturing facilities, 31 logistics and distribution centers and more than 30 sales subsidiaries worldwide. “We maintain a consistently high delivery service,” Sander stated. According to the CEO’s assessment, this excellent reliability, in conjunction with the development of the product ranges and extraordinary customer service, formed the foundation for new customer acquisitions in 2023.

Thanks to the integration of the Deventer Group in Europe and Ultrafab Inc. in the US, customers across the world have access to weatherseals designed to perfectly match Roto’s product range. According to Sander, these function-specific interactions between hardware and weatherseals directly influence the performance of windows and doors. “Requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings are growing as extreme weather events are increasing. Tightly sealed windows and doors are therefore becoming more important for the safety and comfort of people.” This is why more customers are taking advantage of the integrated solutions available. Their trust forms the foundation for Roto’s success.

Sander believes that if hardware components are compatible with various opening types and frame materials, that it improves the efficiency of building element manufacturing. At the Fensterbau Frontale trade show in March 2024, Roto will present new products and demonstrate how the combination of hardware and weatherseals can optimize safety and operating convenience.

It is also important to ensure that customers can rely on Roto for specialized requirements. Sander emphasized: “We either already have the perfect solution, or we will work with the customer to develop it.” As part of the Roto Aluvision branch, the team of advisers at Roto Object Business have continuously tackled complex problems from aluminum window manufacturers. The project-specific product developments are supplemented by comprehensive services that support customers from their initial product idea to the installation.

The tested and certified quality of Roto components has been an important factor for many new Roto customers. Corrosion resistance and product durability are important for manufacturing high-quality building elements. “Therefore, before our products are launched, they undergo prototype and development testing as well as a series of load tests in Roto’s test laboratories. Our customers trust these quality assurance measures, and this is one of the reasons they decide to purchase more components exclusively from Roto.”

Customers across the world can also have their window and door systems undergo a performance test in Roto’s test labs. All tests are carried out in accordance with the latest national and international standards and guidelines. Customers can also acquire certificates from certain Roto test centers, e.g. burglary inhibition. “With our many test facilities, Roto has established a unique service that helps our customers to save time and money.” The sales teams work in collaboration with the customer to coordinate the system components and tests. “Hardware, weatherseals and system testing – reliably supplied by one provider,” this is Roto’s promise.

Marcus Sander described the integration of Ultrafab Inc. as a “perfect match.” Ultrafab is one of the leading manufacturers of weatherseals in North America. Their product portfolio includes premium weather pile and extruded seals for windows and doors, and also specialty products for applications outside the fenestration industry. “Two quality leaders have come together – this is beneficial for both companies,” the CEO stated.

In the coming year, Roto will continue to develop towards sustainability and reliability, Sander announced. Renewable energy sources have contributed to reducing emissions as well as ensuring consistent power supply and overall reliability of Roto. Digitalization and automation are being further developed to achieve full flexibility as well. “We do not know what events will affect the global economy and, in particular, the construction industry. However, modern building elements are important for low-emission housing. This is the foundation of our industry. As a valued partner of many successful manufacturers, we are optimistic about the future. Roto is continuously investing to improve the carbon footprint of our industry and to remain a consistently ideal partner.”

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