RNA Best Performance Award 2015

Left to right: Dr. Eckhard Keill, CEO and Chairman of the Roto Group Board; Jens Busse, Director Business West at Roto Headquarters; Chris Dimou, President and CEO, Roto North America; Christoph Hugenberg, Roto Group Board Member; Michael Stangier, Roto Group CFO.

Roto North America has received the award for “Best Performing Market” of the Roto Group’s Window and Door division in 2015. The award was announced by Dr. Eckhard Keill, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for Roto Frank AG, at the Roto Group’s Leadership Conference held mid-January in Spain. Roto North America continued its extraordinary growth during 2015 and has achieved a consistent remarkable growth since 2010.

“The North American team under the leadership of Chris Dimou has shown how high customer orientation, good strategic decisions and consistent, disciplined efforts make a great impact” said Jens Busse, Director Business West at Roto Global Headquarters.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by this award, which would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts and teamwork of everyone on the Roto Team,” said Chris Dimou, President & CEO, Roto Frank of America, Inc. and Roto Fasco Canada, Inc. and General Manager, The Americas.

This is the second time that Roto North America has received commendation in the last four years, as it was the recipient of a special “Turnaround Performance Award” in February 2012.