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“Roto Patio Inowa” Sliding Hardware: One for All

Roto’s modern sliding systems are ideal to cater extensively to today’s radically changing market trends and requirements. They are suitable for common application ranges and fulfil all relevant trends in windows and balcony doors, such as more light, larger glass surfaces, floor-to-ceiling elements, slim profiles, integrated concealed hardware, energy efficiency and sound insulation. The constantly growing demand for accessible and convenient solutions because of demographic change is also underpinning the rise of the modern sliding generation.

In many countries, housing demand is growing while the number of available properties is dwindling, leading to extreme price increases. Our sliding elements help provide solutions by ensuring that scarce space resources are used effectively, as they require no space for turning, and every square meter saved through sliding systems noticeably reduces the financial burden on investors and residents. The limitation to a small number of screws, sophisticated aids, and the straightforward release of the centre fixing eases the integration into window manufacturers’ production processes, ensuring direct economic benefits for the customer as well. The storage and logistics expenditure is also reduced thanks to the use of compatible “Roto NX” and “Roto ALTilt&Turn hardware.

Climate change and extreme weather also require that window designs and their components must be able to withstand enormous force. This calls for hardware product ranges that offer high-performance levels internationally and can remain stable and tightly sealed in adverse weather conditions. Our circumferential gasket and the active control of the locking points ensure sealed sash elements in all weight classes, even in bad weather conditions. This, in turn, reduces heating and cooling costs at the same time.

Furthermore, the innovation of the Inowa 400 series allows for easy operation of the extra-large and heavy doors, without the need to lift the sash. It is easy, quiet and convenient to open thanks to the construction on roller bearings. The optional and combinable soft functions ensure mechanically controlled, braked opening and closing to increase comfort and reduce material wear. Equipped with corresponding components, the Inowa 400 series can even achieve burglary inhibition in accordance with RC 2. This wide variety of practical benefits is why the “Roto Patio Inowa” portfolio has earned the accolade “one for all.”

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