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Roto Stays Optimistic and Successful Through the Crisis

“In uncertain times, we have been able to provide a real increase in customer benefits across the world,” remarked Marcus Sander, CEO of Roto Frank Fenster- und Türtechnologie GmbH (Roto FTT), on the “very pleasing” development of the company. Over three consecutive years, Roto FTT has managed to successfully maintain its product range and company development, despite increasingly difficult market conditions.

As part of the 17th International Trade Press Day of the Roto Group, Sander turned his attention to the effects on the construction sector in 2022 and the continued impact in the coming year. Sander emphasized that Roto FTT’s high delivery reliability will remain of the utmost importance. With professional supply chain management and digitalization of all processes, Roto FTT has set the stage for maintaining consistently excellent delivery performance.

Thanks to versatile personnel and machines optimized for reliability, the company is well-prepared to act flexibly, he continued. Careful decision-making, successful strategic acquisitions, and continuous investments have provided a solid foundation for the future of Roto FTT.

Sander also indicated that they will continue to “set a fast pace” for digitalization efforts. Many projects are in place to increase the performance of machines, tools, and vehicles in production facilities. “For our customers, using an AI-based plant control system, for example, means that product quality and delivery reliability are maintained even if material flows or the energy supply fluctuate”, Sander stated. The “Roto City” digital platform has also enhanced communication and collaboration internationally. “Roto City” presents hardware solutions for specific applications in an understandable and informative format.

Roto FTT will continue working to further develop its product range with undiminished commitment in 2023, Sander stated. In 2022, the influential “Roto NXTilt&Turn range with its wide array of products helped window manufacturers adapt to their customer’s needs and ensure their manufacturing remained cost-effective.

With innovative products such as the “Patio Inowa” sliding hardware or the “Solid C” concealed door hinge, Roto FTT has proven itself to be an excellent choice as a premium partner across the full range of window and door manufacturers. “Because we have managed to achieve leading quality alongside availability for our products, Roto FTT has gained very notable new customers in previous years, even in extremely competitive markets”, Sander enthused. “We provide them with the greatest possible process and economical support.”

In North America, for example, Roto FTT has supported manufacturers in creating tightly sealed sliding systems in very large formats, such as those used in premium residential construction products. “As a result, we were able to gain a substantial market share in North America, which has now enabled us to set the stage for further growth.” On-site manufacturing capacity has already been expanded and is being expanded further.

“Roto FTT currently supplies and supports window and door manufacturers and specialist retailers in more than 100 countries worldwide”, Sander added. As such, further growth requires the ability to master difficult circumstances and be adaptable in the face of a varying political and economic environment. In his view, the company is well-equipped on both fronts.

The CEO expressed with conviction that Roto FTT is striving to further continue demonstrating the qualities in the years to come “As such, Roto FTT must continue to provide window and door manufacturers with optimal advice and support – regardless of how easy or difficult this is made for us by the procurement markets,” Sanders continued.

In addition, sustainability will continue to strongly influence the decisions of Roto FTT in 2023. For example, the company is continuing to promote the use of renewable energy. By reducing the environmental footprint of its own products, Roto FTT can contribute to achieving CO2 neutrality.

“We look forward to working together with our customers to shape the sustainable, digital future of the industry”, Sander concluded. Customers across the globe value Roto as a reliable partner, and the company is making every effort to ensure that their positive experiences are reinforced in the years to come.

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