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Working Together to Achieve Quality Windows and Doors

According to information released by the Messe München exhibition center, around 190,000 professionals visited BAU 2023, revealing its importance within the industry. The situation was somewhat different for Roto, as CEO Marcus Sander describes: “The decision to relocate to hall C4 and presenting solutions for all frame materials brought 20% more guests to the booth compared to the last time we attended. From our point of view, this visitor response is also a clear indication of the great importance of BAU within the industry and, of course, of the fact that face-to-face meetings at trade fairs are still very important to many customers.”

Manufacturers dedicated to achieving greater comfort and producing quality windows and doors felt they had received excellent information at the construction supplier’s booth. Roto provided helpful suggestions about how manufacturers and hardware suppliers can contribute towards meeting the end user’s expectations. At the Roto booth, fabricators and architects from around the world discovered numerous ideas for this.

Whether it be versatile sliding systems, flexible modular hardware systems for Tilt&Turn windows, modern door hinges and automatic locking systems, high-performance gaskets or custom-made products for aluminum construction – Roto made it evident why it’s important to look for the perfect hardware. “Our hardware solutions meet all specific functional, comfort and design requirements for windows and doors – in all opening types and frame materials, for all building types and room concepts around the world.” says Eberhard Mammel, Head of Product Marketing and Product Adaptation.

The design of the booth corresponded to the digital “Roto City,” within which corporate partners have long been learning about product solutions. At BAU, two buildings from the virtual city became reality: one half of the booth was modeled based on a hotel and, next door, smart solutions that make living spaces both safe and comfortable were displayed in a cozy setting.

The unique design of the booth made it possible to experience quality window and door products in an authentic way. Visitors were able to view hardware and gaskets that were optimally coordinated to ensure each building element functions perfectly.

During the exhibition, some manufacturers set up appointments for a “Roto City” virtual meeting to discuss the technical details of the products presented with a larger team. This virtual exhibition center should also be exciting for architects who were unable to attend the fair in person. They can schedule a “tour” with a Roto consultant to explore the solutions exhibited in Munich.

Prior to the trade show, partners in aluminum façade and window construction were invited to discuss special solutions and services from Roto Object Business with expert consultants from Roto Aluvision. “Our consulting service supports architects, planners, system suppliers and investors worldwide in successfully implementing outstanding architecture. A recent example is our fully concealed special Turn-Only hinge side, which we developed for the ‘FOUR Frankfurt’ building. Alongside the added value of the products, the large number of attendees of our presentations and the tremendous positive response to our Aluvision exhibits are an expression that the industry was genuinely yearning to be able to gather again at a trade fair,” says Jordi Nadal, Business Director of Roto Aluvision.

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