RotoFasco Secura

RotoFasco Secura
Features & Benefits

9100 Handle

  • Contemporary design maximizes glazing sightlines
  • Aesthetically-pleasing thumb turn above handle
  • 13” handle length to support taller patio doors
  • Matching exterior handle (keyed option)
  • Compatible with a 3-cross hole drilling
  • Array of color options, including satin nickel architectural finish

9200 Handle

  • Fits common 3-hole milling with additional support hole
  • Easy installation with extended screw ports for proper alignment
  • Keyed and non-keyed options available
  • Stylish thumbturn that incorporates a premium mechanism to lock/unlock the door
  • Handles and escutcheons interchangeable throughout Roto Fasco handle options

9700/9700 Euro Handle

  • Sturdy zinc die cast construction and extended bosses on escutcheon plates eliminates movement
  • Availability in a wide array of painted and architectural finishes allows matching of color options for interior and exterior applications
  • Fits stile thickness range of 1.25” to 2.25”
  • Keyed option available
  • Adaptability to fit all standard hole and cutout patterns ensured compatibility with other manufacturers

9900 Handle

  • Available in an array of powdercoat colors, and satin nickel architectural finish
  • Designed for doors ranging from 6-12′
  • Made of Zinc Zamak 3 for strength and to combat corrosion
  • Non handed handle works with 3, 4 and 6-cross hole drillings
  • Can be used with single, two-point and multi-point mortise lock
Product Overview

The RotoFasco Secura product line consists of high quality handlesets, mortise locks, and rollers for sliding patio doors. The handlesets feature innovative, robust, and aesthetically-pleasing designs, and are available in a variety of finishes, both powdercoat and architectural. A variety of styles are available, at various price points, to allow for a good/better/best segmentation.

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