Angel Ventlock (WOCD)

Angel Ventlock (WOCD)
Features & Benefits
  • Provides inexpensive, yet critical window safety feature
  • Easily integrated easily by window manufacturer; aftermarket retrofitting takes just a few minutes
  • Maximum force of 15 lb required to release the mechanism
  • Re-engages automatically
  • Visible indicators to easily tell when device is engaged
  • Aesthetically pleasing – does not detract from window appearance, integrity, or overall function
  • Tested to and passed the most stringent International (ASTM F2090-2010) and European (BS EN 14351-1:2006, BS EN 8213-1-2004, BS EN 14609:2004) standards.
Product Overview

The Angel Ventlock® – a window opening control device that has moved on dramatically from old-fashioned window guards and screens. Angel Ventlocks® can be both low-cost and incredibly effective without detracting from the appearance and overall function of the window; they can be integrated easily by the window manufacturer and aftermarket retrofitting takes just a few minutes.

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