Roto DuoTilt

Roto DuoTilt
Features & Benefits
  • Zinc alloy sash lock components
  • Compatible with PVC profiles
  • Two sash locks are needed for all window widths
  • Intuitive operation with lock and tilt latch dual actuation
  • Visual sash lock markings to note window status (locked
    symbol, unlocked symbol, tilt)
  • Tactile lever feedback indicates when the lock has changed
  • Tilt latch and connector are pre-assembled for easy
    installation and connection to the sash lock
  • Tested internally above 10,000 cycles and internally FER
    tested to ASTM F588-17 up to grade 40
  • Patent pending design
  • Available in 8 finishes
  • Passive sash locks also available in the same finishes
Product Overview

The Roto DuoTilt is a combination lock system for hung PVC windows that combines the lock, unlock, and tilt functions for ease of use when tilting and cleaning the sash. The tilt latches come pre-assembled for ease of installation and connection. There are also visual sash lock markings to note window status and a tactile lever feedback the indicates when the lock has changed position.

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